Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Introductions Are Uncomfortable

My name is Sam. I'm something of a martial artist, and I live in Philadelphia. My training is in various styles, but mostly I dabble here and there, following a path that some would call emulating Bruce Lee. I wanted to start a blog, to track not only the progress of my training, but of all personal growth therein. It would be very easy to keep a journal, but that doesn't keep me honest. In a way, posting where everyone can see it makes me more aware of every little thing I don't want others to know, and that's vital to understanding oneself.  That said, this is a blog for those of us who drink tea, and enjoy it, and not only because it tastes good. This is a blog for those who have ever wondered about the paradoxical notion of training for war, to understand peace. Lastly, for those who want strength with which to protect, and teach others.


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